ELGK Academy member trains with West Ham

ELGK Academy member Jonah Jenkins, 9, has been training with West Ham for the last week.

His dedication and hard work at ELGK has led to this brilliant opportunity. The young goalkeeper has already impressed with his football ability, technical understanding & knowledge as a shot-stopper.

Jonah’s father, Myles, said “Jonah has enjoyed being at West Ham, training with their specialist coaches and goalkeepers. He has settled in really well and is enjoying his time there.” Myles also added “It was ELGK that gave Jonah the skill set and confidence to build on his basic knowledge and passion. With their expert guidance he has taken the huge strides that have led him to West Ham and he will, hopefully, continue to develop and see where it takes him”

Jonah will train with West Ham until they make a decision on his future and will, of course, continue training with ELGK.


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