Thursday Goalkeeping Sessions

We at ELGK Academy have an Academy philosophy of providing a positive experience for all of our goalkeepers, our sessions encompass all areas of the 4-corner teaching model: we consider the technical, physical, psychological and social elements of all of the goalkeepers. This allows each individual to express themselves and develop their skills further. 


At ELGK Academy we offer goalkeeping coaching constructed to meet the requirements of every player. We aim to achieve this by developing each goalkeeper through our 6- week technical cycle, this covers all technical aspects for example: handling, shot-stopping, crossing - some of the key areas of goalkeeping.




Our Academy sessions run regularly on Thursday evenings from 18:30 through until 20:30 at Foresy School, Walthamstow, E17 3PY.

Each session is based upon the academy philosophy of educational development through having fun!  


If you would like to have fun and develop your goalkeeping skills at the same time, please get in contact and book your first session with ELGK Academy!

Our Academy syllabus allows every individual; no matter the background of their goalkeeping to learn, express their talents and most importantly have fun!

Success! Free taster sessions booked. We will be in contact shortly!

Forest School - E17 3PY